Alpha Course

An opportunity to explore the meaning of life

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Come and See
DVD and chat
Ask Questions
"Who is Jesus?" "Why did he die?"

Meet each week for 10 weeks in the Coffee Lounge
Free Meal provided at 7pm
Bring a friend

What is Alpha?

Lots of people in Church have seen and discussed these films. They have such good stories in them to tell others about what God does. Come for a free meal at 7pm which means you can come straight from work if necessary. Here you can ask questions in a relaxed atmosphere.

How do we know about Jesus? Why is He important?

The TV. adventurer Bear Grylls said this in an interview about Alpha:

"The Church shouldn't treat Christianity like an image to be polished and sold, where we can never show any of the mess or struggles in our lives because we think it will put people off. Church should be more like a hospital where people are all a bit damaged and are muddling their way through together. It's OK to be a bit dirty and bloody, not all perfect and healed. Christianity is about discovering that in the business and struggles of life we are not alone and that this Jesus is actually beside us.

Alpha helps with that, because it allows people to find that backbone that we all need in our lives. It just gives a very informal, non-threatening for friends to come and take a step towards finding a faith of their own. I feel 100 per cent comfortable recommending it as I know no one is ever judged or bible bashed! People tend to just work through their own stuff and at least at the end can make an informed decision for or against faith."

For further details contact Hilary Furniss
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